Ciao Bella: Part 1 – Italian F1 GP, V.Rossi’s GP bike, Alfa Giulia, and Magneti Marelli stuff!


Here are some of Magneti Marelli’s “TBoxes”, which are Telematics boxes for both OE and aftermarket.  These types of units can monitor a variety of things like fuel consumption, ignition retards, breakdown calls, stolen vehicle recovery, and even driving style, to name a few.

On at the top (blue) we’ve got a multi-functional logger with integrated 2-way Wi-Fi connectivity, while on the right and bottom are mobile communication advanced platform for onboard two-way radios used with data telemetry and race control. 

Now these should look more familiar.  Magneti Marelli also makes its own ignition coils.  We may have to attempt to source some of these for our high-powered project cars!

Here are a couple of direct-injection fuel injectors along with a fuel pump rated at an astonishing 500 bar! That's 7,250 PSI, in case you're wondering.

Here's an electronic clutch actuator for the automated manual transmissions.  It’s basically an electric master cylinder actuator coupled with a standard hydraulic slave cylinder in place of the pedal master cylinder.  It can be used fully automatic or with paddle-shifting, and provides gear shifts in 80 milliseconds (that’s less than a tenth!).  It’s made for Formula, Touring and Rally racing cars.

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