Ciao Bella: Part 1 – Italian F1 GP, V.Rossi’s GP bike, Alfa Giulia, and Magneti Marelli stuff!


Walking toward our hospitality, we come across the back straight as GP2 cars are seen here in a blur of bright colors.  This section was remarkably reminiscent of the back straight of Indy’s infield for the US Grand Prix held in 2000-2007.  It would be a great place to watch for a while.

Here’s a name you see a lot in racing all over the world. In fact, I was surprised to even see a full Magneti Marelli-sponsored NHRA Pro Stock car when I flipped on the tube the other day driven by legendary Allen Johnson!

Why bother talking about Magneti Marelli, you ask?  Because with its hospitality pass, our entire F1 experience was amplified ten-fold.  Plus, they make cool high-tech racing parts, which we'll be showing you here shortly. 

The hospitality not only provided its guests spectacular food, including an assortment of fruit, salads, pastas and chef-cut meats…

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