Ciao Bella: Part 2 – More Italian F1 GP, Rally cars, AMG Driving Academy, and more!


An average Formula 1 steering wheel can cost between $50,000-80,000!  While I don’t know what several of these dials mean, I do see adjustments for fuel, RPM and…boost?

Here’s a view of the rear wing.  Every single inch of this piece has its job of increasing downforce while keeping drag at minimum. 

With F1 teams spending around $300M to race just two cars in a single season, it goes to show how much each car truly costs to produce.  It’s no wonder why this rear wing is said to cost around $80,000 to simply reproduce (and double that for the front wing)!

So how much downforce can an F1 car's aerodynamics produce?  Get this–these cars can produce enough downforce to equal the car's total weight (about 1500 lb) at just 80 MPH!  We're obviously not seeing that aero package here at Monza (the fastest track on the schedule).  It's probably more than likely something seen on the tight streets of Monaco, but still!  So now the big question is, “who wants to try and go upside down in a tunnel at just 81 MPH?”


Check out the full carbon fiber suspension parts!  Cha ching! Mike Kojima would pass out right about here.

As always, I love me some diffuser action!

Here’s a look from the rear.  You can see the lower wing, which is part of the rear wing assembly to create additional downforce.  Everywhere you look—it’s just carbon, carbon, carbon!

Let's go check out some rally cars…

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