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To make these goods Radium machines the catch can housings in a two piece design for easy removal of the bottom catch can, they are then anodized and laser etched. The fittings are all custom machined to match the appropriate OEM diameter and then anodized in Radium green or gloss black. The kit also includes O-ring sealed dipsticks to measure the amount of oil gathered in the catch cans without requiring their removal. Serious baller shit we are dealing with here and they even offer both a single and dual can bracket for universal applications.


In the case of the Elise kit they use a dual can setup that features a laser cut and powder coated mounting bracket that mounts the assembly to the stock 2ZZ valve cover. The kit also includes all lines cut to the appropriate length in the OEM diameter, fittings, and anything necessary to make the install monkey proof. Seriously if you cannot install this kit you likely cannot even read these words nor operate a motor vehicle so I guess it matters not.


In addition to the above machined goodness Radium also offers a hard parts turbo kit for the Lotus Elise and Exige. While other companies have failed in this market Radium is on the right track with what is easily the highest quality kit available. 


For their turbo kit Radium designed this O2 housing with an integral wastegate flapper and a 3″ V-band outlet. 
 Once done in Solidworks Radium has a 3D print made of the design.
Radium uses the investment casting process to create the turbo manifold and O2 housing from 347 Stainless Steel.


The off the shelf Radium kit is allowing Elise and Exige owners to easily make over 300WHP with lots of headroom. The powerband is linear with good area under the curve. It just goes to show what a properly engineered kit is capable of.

Radium also offers application specfic as well as universal Fuel Surge Tanks that Eric Hsu has had the occasion to talk about HERE. Their Surge Tanks are available with single or dual pumps in a variety of internal or external configurations. Check out Eric's article for the details. 


In all honesty as Radium continues to develop universal and Lotus specific parts I find myself wanting all of them whether I have a use for them or not. Enough with the ass kiss festival! Check out the pictures, read about the engineering involved, and decide for yourself if their stuff is worthy of the words I have used to describe them… If you decide they are not then you need to get yourself to a doctor or shrink stat!


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