Conrad Grunewald Q&A

Mid-Season Q&A with Formula DRIFT Racer Conrad Grunewald

By: Ashley van Dyke


The Hankook/Top 1 Oil Chevrolet Camaro is a high performance machine. It brings power and finesse to the circuits on the Formula DRIFT championship tour. For driver Conrad Grunewald, there are challenges and sweet rewards, the highs and lows of racing. Conrad is an Owner/Driver and operates out of his race shop in Monterey, CA. 


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Heading into New Jersey, marks the half-way point in the season for the Formula DRIFT series. I had a chance to ask Conrad Grunewald some questions looking back and about what’s to come.  His positive attitude and confident demeanor leaves you really appreciating the dedication this driver has, giving one-hundred percent, all the time. Grunewald has very high expectations, and he explains to us some interesting thoughts about his program and where things are now, thanks Conrad!


Conrad Grunewald


Q:  What are your thoughts on where the team is right now, heading into New Jersey, which you won last year at Wall Speedway?
A:  I know we have a competitive package so the team has a lot of confidence going into New Jersey.  We have been plagued with small issues throughout the season but I believe everything will be at 100% for the next round.


Conrad Grunewald camaro


Q:  That was quite a show you put on in Palm Beach. How do you feel about your performance there?

A:  Palm Beach was a learning experience for us.  The judges seem to have thrown two of the major criteria, line and angle, by the way side and put the majority of the emphasis on proximity during tandem battles.  We hope to receive some clarity on what exactly the judges want from us in New Jersey. 


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Q:  Have you changed the setup of your car much from the beginning of the year?
A:  The setup of the car is very close to what it was in the beginning of the year.  Our baseline setup is pretty good for all the events and we only make small adjustments from round to round.


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