Conrad Grunewald Q&A


Conrad Grunewald

Q:  How do think having the heaviest car in the field affects you and what do you have to do differently to use that to your advantage?
A:  It’s hard to use weight to your advantage.  Weight affects acceleration and deceleration the most, which is a big part of drifting.  I think the one advantage is the excess tire smoke we get.


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Q:  Do you think Daigo’s 1200 horsepower Lexus is going to be a game changer in Formula D, and if so, are there any plans on getting even more power for next season out of the LS7?
A:  Absolutely.  Having the horsepower means you can run as much grip as possible and still overcome it.  Luckily for me, Chevrolet Performance Parts makes good parts for the LS series of motors, to help me squeeze more power out of the LS7.


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Q:  You have had a large part in the build, repairs, and maintenance of your Hankook/Top 1 Oil Chevrolet Camaro, is there a greater sense of satisfaction for you when you do well at an event because of this?

A:  It definitely does.  Especially when you are able to beat a large team, like ASD.



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