Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 6
As our wing is going to be making a few hundred pounds of downforce, it is important that we have sturdy wing mounts.  Just bolting it to the trunk lid is not going to cut it or be very safe.  Gary started to build this alloy reinforcement to tie the wing into the frame rails.
Here it is tacked up and ready for welding.  This brace will make the mounting system strong and light.
One of the problems the car used to have is that the wing had to be removed to take off the rear deck lid.  This made fueling a pain in the ass.  So this time around Gary got smart (probably due to the small fuel cell the car now has!) and are making the deck lid so it can be removed quickly and easily.  Here Peter is forming the gap filler around where the trunk lid will be cut away to allow the wing to be removed.
Here it is roughed out on the other side.  The filler will be flush and better looking when Gary is done.  The wing bracket is also adjustable so we can move the wing forward and backward several inches so we can tune the center of pressure and put the wing in cleaner air if we have to make more rear downforce.
It looks kinda rough now but it will be much more sano when it is done.
Mr. Nakajima from Voltex supplied this large two plane wing. He sent Eric an email one day that simply said, “Wing and canards ready for you at Evasive.” It’s a good thing Voltex sends parts regularly to Evasive so we saved a bundle on shipping! I wanted to get it because two plane wings are more efficient than single plane wings and we had good luck with a similar wing on Steve Mitchell’s 350Z.  I would rather have a specifically designed airfoil but we don’t have time.  The kick up in the center of the wing is so the angle of attack is more optimized for the cleaner air coming off the roof.


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