Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 6


A back view shows the sheer size of the rear wing.  This sucker is going to make some downforce!
The second wing element has this extension and gurney flap which should make the wing more effective. Voltex has spent countless hours develeping this wing design and it has been proven on the CyberEVO. While it isn’t designed specifically for the Skyline, we believe it will work VERY well. The quality of the carbon work is true motorsports grade also with a honeycomb core.
Gary made several of these EPS foam splitter mock ups.  They were cut from a block of foam using a hot wire.  The carbon shop is making carbon versions of these at the moment.  Gary is using this blank to make the patterns for the block off plates to fit the splitter to the bumper.  The kick up in the center is to reduce pitch sensitivity (during hard braking, air will not be blocked from underneath the car).
Here are the beginnings of the template in cardboard.  Most of the front end parts are going to be made of aluminum until we can finalize the aero, then they will be made of carbon.
The back side of the splitter will have a belly pan that will be flush with the car’s flat bottom.  You can also see the side venturis leading to the low pressure wheel wells. Gary designed several versions of the venturis with different angles of attack that we will be able to change according to grip levels/track conditions.
This foam piece shows the contour of the side air traps.  These will reduce the amount of air curling under the car.  They will be made of foam cored carbon.


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