Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 6


Eric and Tim from Apex Speed Technology discuss mounting and wire harness details. The guy on the right is Lyon, the head engine builder at Cosworth USA. He was over at Gary’s checking out the action.
The final locations for the electronics suite will be something like this.  The electronics will be mounted on a carbon plate and wired up with mil spec wiring, not like the hatchet job we showed you on the Cyber Evo.  The boxes here are for data logging, engine control and power supply.  A Braille super light lithium battery will power it all. I think Eric said the “Pi 900” is a telemetry system. Once again, the Pi 900 is old school as far as high level race cars go, but will work just fine in the Skyline. This car is going to have all the Cosworth goodies!

The clock is ticking.  Gary and Eric will be in New Jersey this week for Formula D but things have to be kept moving.  I will try to do another update before the end of the week!

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