Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 6


The Tilton pedal assembly is smooth, friction free, stiff and light weight.  Gary fabricated the ultra lightweight throttle pedal which is connected to a 350z pedal position assembly. Eric will control the fly by wire throttle with the Pectel SQ6 ECU. This allows throttle blipping, anti-lag strategies, and other neat tricks. Like we explained earlier the pedal box is on rails so it can move to fit the driver while the seat is fixed far back.  Not having the seat on rails also allows us to put the driver several inches lower in the car.  Since the steering column is the factory Skyline GT-R column, it can tilt and telescope to fit the driver. That’s better than a Cadillac!
The Tilton pedals pivot on bearings for super low friction.  The pedal clevises are also on bearings for non binding and smooth action.
We use this balance bar to adjust brake bias.  Turning the screw moves the pedal fulcrum back and forth so force gets distributed to one or the other master cylinder more.  This is true proportioning.  We will have a flex cable connected to a knob that the driver can adjust.
Eric works on the plumbing of the pedal box.
Eric mounts the dry sump tank.  We are putting in in the driver’s compartment but pretty far back to keep the polar moment of inertia down.  We will have to build an alloy cover for the tank to reduce the chances of deep frying the driver in case the tank fails.
A first shot of figuring out where to mount the car’s electronics.  Tim at Apex Speed Technology is designing and building the wire harnesses and Pectel electronics integration working closely with Eric. The black unit on the left is the Pectel SQ6 ECU, the red box is a Pi Research Sigma Elite datalogger, and the small black unit is a Pi Vids2 unit for data referenced video. The Sigma Elite is actually a bit old as far as race car technology is concerned, but it was once common place in Le Mans prototypes, FIA GT1, CART, Super GT, etc. Actually it is still common in Super GT and other higher end spec series racers. Good enough for them, good enough for us. Modern loggers have more capacity, are smaller, and are a bit lighter in weight.


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