Cutting Big Weight From Project STI With AntiGravity Batteries and MeleDesign Firm

The Mele mount is made of strong and corrosion-resistant 5052.  5052 is used instead of the common 6061 because it forms better and much of the Mele mount’s construction is press bent.  What isn’t press bent is tig welded.  The mount comes in a durable and attractive crackle powder coat finish.

The Mele mount has a sturdy retention bracket with a stainless steel hinge.  No messing around with straps and wing nuts.  It fits the battery exactly so you don’t have to worry about over clamping it and damaging the battery internally either.  Each mount is laser etched with a unique serial number for quality control identification.  The mount’s box-like construction offers a layer of protection from mechanical damage for the battery.

The bracket is retained with this quick release pin that allows the battery to be removed in seconds without tools.

The battery mount base is CNC cut with many possible mounting hole locations for maximum mounting possibilities.  This gives the mount a ton of mounting flexibility.  Although our mount was made to fit in the GD STI, as you can see here, it would be super easy to adapt it to fit a ton of other cars as well.  The mounting flexibility also makes room for a lot of aftermarket front-mounted intercooler charge pipes in the Subaru engine bay.

So let’s see how much weight we save.  Our old battery weighs a whopping 47 lbs, 0.5 oz!


    1. The battery is so light there is no need, the weight of the wiring to move it is more than the battery.

  1. I’ve rocked an atx-20 in a custom housing in my WRX for years now. The restart feature has saved me from busting out cables when my toddlers would sneak into my car and turn on every accessory they could find. No turnover? Pop the hood, press the button and* bam*, starts right up.

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