Cutting Big Weight From Project STI With AntiGravity Batteries and MeleDesign Firm

Our new ATX-30 battery weighs in at a feathery 5lbs, 3 oz.  Since the Mele mount weighs 1 lb more than our original flimsy plastic battery tray and mounting hardware, we are saving a whopping 41 lbs of weight!  This is weight high in the nose of the car right on the driver’s side or about the worst place to have weight in terms of performance! This is going to be a feelable difference in handling and a great gain in overall performance.  What is amazing is that the popular PC680 race battery weighs 16 lbs and has way less cranking power and less than half of the capacity.

Losing weight is a great performance gain because it helps acceleration, braking, and cornering.  Losing large amounts of weight outside of a car’s wheelbase, especially in the front of a front-heavy car is a great thing as well.  We are really impressed with the results of this.

We did a study on the effects of battery location on corner weights many years back

If you read this article you can see that getting a lightweight battery like this can have the same effect as moving the engine back a few inches in the chassis!  Battery technology has improved a lot since we wrote that story and batteries have become much lighter and way more powerful.

If you want to get the most out of bang for your buck weight reduction look no farther than the battery offerings of AntiGravity and don’t forget to secure it with a Mele Design Firm mount!


AntiGravity Batteries

MeLe Design Firm


    1. The battery is so light there is no need, the weight of the wiring to move it is more than the battery.

  1. I’ve rocked an atx-20 in a custom housing in my WRX for years now. The restart feature has saved me from busting out cables when my toddlers would sneak into my car and turn on every accessory they could find. No turnover? Pop the hood, press the button and* bam*, starts right up.

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