Detailing 111 – Car Wash Basics


CHD Connor Harrison Detailing wash with airflow
More washing technique. All of these little tips add up to a vehicle with fewer scratches that is easier to preserve. 

The larger the grit and grime means the larger a scratch it can leave, so leave the areas with heavy dirt and grime build up for last.  This usually means you will be washing the front surfaces that are caked with bug guts, as well as the lower edges and the areas behind the tires (coated with grit kicked up off the roads) last.


CHD porsche front end wash
CHD Connor Harrison Detailing Porsche Wash
Leave the dirtiest spots for last; the bugs splattered across the front and the heavy road grime kicked up by the tires.

In order to kick your wash up a notch, make sure all the tight spaces where dirt builds up get cleaned out.  A small brush with soft bristles can be very helpful in cleaning out built up grime around window seams and trim edges.

Once everything is completely clean you can take your hose and rinse off the soap.  Just as with washing you should start at the top and let the water run down the body.  Not only is this quicker than spraying randomly, but the water will pull itself off the surface making your job of drying the vehicle much easier.


CHD Connor Harrison detailing rinse picture
If you’re washing in a poor location you may need to spray down the car while washing to keep the surface cool.

To dry, wipe down the car using an absorbent and clean microfiber towel in the same way that you washed it.  You want to let the towel do the work so little-to-no pressure is required.  Fold the towel into quarters to make it more manageable.  Once the towel becomes saturated simply wring it out, re-fold it, and keep drying!


CHD drying with airflow connor harrison detailing 111
Same as washing the car, you wipe from top to bottom and in the direction of airflow.


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