Detailing 111 – Car Wash Basics


Connor Harrison Detailing washed Porsche
Washed and dried and ready for a quick spray wax to help preserve our hard work. 

For an even and streak-free finish, mist the surface with a quality spray wax or quick detail spray.  A little goes a long way, so you only need one to two light mists to cover a panel.  Use a clean, soft microfiber towel to wipe the spray over the surface.  Work it into the finish using overlapping circular motions to get even coverage.  Again, you don’t need much pressure to do the task.


connor harrison detailing quick detailer application porshe
CHD connor harrison detailing circular motion
Use as little product as possible and work it in using overlapping circular motions.

And there you have it, all clean and shiny.  This process may seem overly complicated and unnecessary at first, but with time and practice you too will be completely neurotic about how you treat your car!


CHD connor harrison clean porsche
Clean and shiny… Bling Bling Y'ALL


I realize this seems like a lot to take in, so here is a quick summary of the process:
Wash when dirty.  Generally once a week.
Use the proper tools.  Two buckets, quality soap, washing/drying towel.
Location is crucial.  Stay out of the sun and keep the surface cool.
Prepare your car and ready your tools before you begin washing.
Pre-soak to knock off loose dirt.
Wipe from clean to dirty in the direction of airflow.  Rinse your mitt often.
Use a spray wax for a streak-free shine.
In our next installment we will cover waxing products and technique. We will define the differences between polishes, waxes and sealers and their proper use and application. So if you give a rip about how your car looks then stay tuned and if you don't…. Please read it anyway!
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