Doing more with less, Ryan Gates Blazing Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X



ryan gates evo x
An AMS front mount intercooler has less restriction and cools better than the stock part.

The AMS block features iron sleeves that register in a step machined into the blocks deck to ensure that they will not sink.  The sleeves are also a stepped a few thousands of an inch above the blocks deck to ensure a positive seal around the tops of the cylinders.  Forged 10.5:1 JE pistons with thermo barrier coated crowns and low friction coated skirts are used with Manley I-beam rods. The high compression can be tolerated due to Ryan’s choice of E85 as the fuel. High performance rod and main bearings are used and the head and bed plate are held down with ARP studs. The cylinder head is stock with the exception of Kelford cams, valve springs and AMS cam caps.  An AMS big bore head gasket keeps things sealed up. 

ryan gates evo x
The AMS fuel system has a high capacity, important for the alcohol based E85 fuel.  Twin Walbro 255 L/hr Pumps feed fuel to this surge tank.  The surge tank helps to insure that the engine will never starve for fuel even if the tank pick up sucks air for a second or two.

Boost is supplied by an AMS 900X turbo system consisting of a cast stainless exhaust manifold with a Forced Performance turbo moving air through AMS charge piping.  Boost pressure is regulated by a Tial Wastegate with a Tial BOV helping to eliminate turbo surge.  The hot compressed charge is cooled by an AMS front mount intercooler.  The engine breathes through an AMS air intake with a big K&N airfilter.  AMS Exhaust is vented via an AMS freeflowing exhaust system.  A K&N oil filter keeps things clean.

ryan gates evo
A freeflowing AMS stainless exhaust is used.

The fuel system is scaled for E85 with an AMS reflashed ECU handling engine management.  An AMS high volume fuel rail and 2000cc/min injectors are needed for E85 use. An AMS fuel system with a surge tank and twin Walbro 255 lph pumps insure that the engine will never starve for fuel.  An aluminum CBRD radiator keeps things cool.

force performance turbo ryan gates evo x
A Forced Performance ball bearing turbo provides enough flow for over 600 hp.

The drivetrain consists of a smooth but hard holding Carbonetic triple disc carbon carbon clutch with a lightweight flywheel.  The power is transferred to a rear Cusco RS 1.5 way clutch type LSD.  The front and center diffs remain stock.  AMS solid rear differential bushings and poly engine mounts reduce drivetrain lash and wheelhop. An AMS lightweight front crossmember reduces weight.

ryan gates evo x

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