DRIVEN: 2015 Ford Mustang GT


Rear seat headroomWhile I have a long torso, my head touches the rear window and I have to tilt my head to the side in order to fit.
Front seat headroomWhile the rear seats aren’t where you want to spend time, the front seats are quite good and headroom is surprisingly spacious.  I have a torso that belongs to someone 6’5” and I tend to test the vertical limits of most interiors despite having ‘normal’ length legs.  Even though the roofline is lowered 1.5”, Ford lowered the seat of the car accordingly to give me enough head room to wear a helmet, equaling an M3 in this area.  Unfortunately with the seat maxed out in its low position, I still find myself sitting higher than I would like, but then again I have the same problem in most cars.  Why can’t manufacturers cater to those tall and long torso individuals the same way they make the seat raise up where a 4’0” person could see over the wheel?
Driving positionOnce seated, the shifter is in a good position and for the first time in a Mustang, the steering wheel moves up and down and telescopes.  I can finally get the exact driving position I am looking for.  One small gripe I have is that while I can get the pedals, wheel, and shifter where I want them, my knees are still hitting the steering column when heel-toe downshifting.  I would think there’s enough room to trim the column stalk for a bit more knee clearance.
Both the Base (left) and Premium (right) center console info-tainment centers have built-in rear-view cameras.  This function and heated seats really spoils you if you are like me and haven’t owned a car with either.  Thankfully Ford kept the traction-control button as a button on the center-console instead of hiding it in pages of functions that you have to scroll through to disable.  Push the button once to be able to spin the wheels when going straight, and hold the TCS button for ~7 seconds to disable stability control for sideways fun. The premium package gives you a large touch-screen LCD screen that controls all of your entertainment, climate control, navigation, and Ford’s “SYNC” system.  It also makes a nice giant backup camera.  The Performance Package (left) adds an oil pressure gauge and vacuum gauge (with boost for the Ecoboost equipped cars) to replace one of the three center vents.  I’m not sure if a vacuum gauge is necessary in a naturally aspirated car and would have liked an oil or water temp gauge instead.
Rear CameraAll Mustangs now come standard with rear view cameras.


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  1. Has anyone tested aftermarket front sub frame bracing for the s 550? I see 2 and 4 bolt configurations. BMR and Steeda have products but I cannot find any testing of what if anything these braces do. The ease of instillation makes me skeptical. It seems like they might work but when I see a lot of marketing and results demonstrated I pause. Please advise

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