DROWsports Grand Axis Two Stroke Powered Ruckus

DROWsports Grand Axis Two Stroke Powered Ruckus

By Mike Kojima

The Honda Ruckus is a small 50cc scooter that has for some reason become the darling of the modified car crowd.  You would never think that car people would have become enamored of a 100 mpg, 35mph small scooter but nevertheless the Ruckus is huge.  MotoIQ has a project 50cc Ruckus that is probably the fastest stock engined Ruckus built so far.  You can read about that here.

Of course in our circle, if some is good, too much is always better.  Andrew Horn, owner of DROWsports in Signal Hill is part of the MotoIQ crew and has helped us with many of our small powersports projects.  We helped him with the construction in his quest to build the ultimate Ruckus, check it out!

The engine for the Ruckus came from a Yamaha Grand Axis, which is a 100cc two stroke scooter.  Two strokes have a lot of power potential and the Grand Axis engine has a lot of support.  The cylinder and piston were changed out in favor of a Malossi big bore kit which brings the displacement up to 123cc.  The cylinder was ported by DROWsports and the cylinder and piston were WPC Treated.  The cylinder was then coated with Embee heat rejection coating.
The engine case was fully polished while everything was disassembled.
The bearing oil passages were modified by DROWsports to feed more oil to the main bearings.
A DROWsports stroker crank increases the displacement to 130cc.  The orange plastic things on the counterweights are stuffers which improve the primary compression.  This helps a two stroke scavenge more effectively.
The transfer ports in the case were matched to the Malossi cylinder.



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