DROWsports Grand Axis Two Stroke Powered Ruckus


The transmission case cover was ventilated for cooling and polished.
The stock cylinder head was retained but heavily modified.
The stock combustion chamber on the right has this odd ring inside it that inhibits flame travel and probably contributes to detonation.  Howard Watanabe at Technosquare modified the chamber to remove the ring and have a normal two stroke chamber with a 10mm wide squish band and 0.060″ squish clearance.
The transmission is a hybrid of a Malossi overange torque driver for a 50cc Yamaha Zuma with a Malossi variator and Polini EVO clutch bell from a Grand Axis.  A Malossi kevlar belt is used.  This mixing and matching results in a nice gear ratio spread and a higher overall gear ratio.  The variator was WPC treated.
A higher ratio Malossi final drive gear set is used to allow for a higher top speed.  The gear set is WPC treated.  All of the transmission parts are shown here.
A Yamaha BWS stator was used for more juice to the lights.  A Dr. Pulley adjustable clutch is used for better stall speed and harder launches.
A DROWsports titanium starter delete removes the mass of the ring gear from the reciprocating assembly which allows the engine to rev quicker.

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