DROWsports Grand Axis Two Stroke Powered Ruckus


The Malossi 123cc cylinder was ported.  The boost port window was unshrouded and the transfer ports raised 2mm while the exhaust port was raised 1.5mm.  This was mostly to make up the loss in port timing due to the stroker crank.  Two stroke porting is tricky, a half a mm too far can ruin a cylinder's powerband by making it too narrow.
The exhaust port was also enlarged to the gasket size.  After porting the cylinder was WPC treated and the outside coated with Embee's heat rejecting coating.
The Malossi big bore piston was windowed for more flow to the booster ports.
You can see the inside windowing here.  The skirts were trimmed a little to give the transfer ports a few degrees more shot as well.  The piston was then WPC treated as were the rings and piston pin.
You can see how the plastic crank inserts really reduce crank case volume, greatly increasing primary compression.
The stroker crank requires the use of these cylinder spacers to accommodate the stroke.

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