E46 BMW M3 Turbo: Part 1 – Introduction plus wheels and tires


Even when you pop open the hood, there isn’t much to look at!  And the untrained eye won’t figure out that the air filter is on the wrong side, because you can’t really see it.  It’s only when you notice the HKS blow-off valve on the intake manifold that you may start to question.

Okay, so I took out the “HorsepowerFreaks Turbo” label to show you how fairly stock the car would look if it actually didn’t have this label.  But it does. 

If you compare the turbo M3's engine bay (right) with our own E46 M3 project’s engine bay (left), our car appears more modified with that gian K&N filter.  And yet the white makes more than double the horsepower and torque.  In fact, even though the personalized license plate in the pictures has been blurred out, it does cleverly have something to do with a “sleeper M3”.

It’s hard to see but underneath the black cover on the front left (passenger side) resides a carbon intake pipe, which goes directly to the turbo.

Looking down the tube you can see the journal-bearing Precision 67-mm turbo, which is spun by an old-school P-trim turbine inside a .81 AR housing on the hot side.


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