E46 BMW M3 Turbo: Part 1 – Introduction plus wheels and tires


The intake tube goes right to the turbo, which rests underneath the backside of the engine.  The setup is similar to how E36 turbo kits were designed by Active Autowerke.  From there, the black charge pipe goes to the front intercooler.

The exhaust manifold also houses a TiAL wastegate, which has its exit piping routed back to the turbo for quiet operation.

Here’s a close-up of the old-school HKS blow-off valve.

HPF had enlisted AEM to exclusively make the EMS hardware for them.  It basically was a repackaged Series 1 AEM EMS, which gave full control of the car to the tuner.  However, unless you paid HPF $1000 for the proprietary “key” to have full tunability, it was only HPF that could tune the car.  MKC has full tunability of the car now here in Kansas City, and has taken the car to the next level (more on that next time).  The EMS sits on the passenger-side firewall, opposite of the factory ECU on the driver side.

Here is the methanol injection's reservoir tank by HPF, which was another nice attempt at keeping things looking “factory”.


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