Epic Failures

Andy from Cosworth UK sent me a link to a thread on Scoobynet which is a UK Subaru forum. His email simply said, “omg-must-see-poor-workmanship. W T F ?” and a link to the thread. Normally Andy and I shoot the shit back and forth a bit about the happs with Subys in the UK or Time Attack stuff, but with the absence of the chit chat I knew this one had to be good. The Brits like to use the word “epic” so I titled this post in honor of my UK friends.

This one has got to be one of the dumbest fucking things I've seen. What is somebody like this even remotely thinking? You can go on the internet and figure out how to plumb turbos, wastegates, etc. easy enough.

This guy's in for a surprise when his interior catches fire.

This is the APC/Pep Boys DIY exhaust manifold.

I just know this one has to be some dumb ass forum SPE.

I knew somebody in this world had to try using a Flowmaster muffler as a plenum.

Somebody sent a a turbo to a fabricator and asked for a “custom MAF tube”. Wrong side, eh?

While we're at it, I added this one from a “how to twin turbo your Mustang” “tech article” from some Mustang forum. I'm not sure if these examples are in the article as a joke or if they are actually up as actual examples. In this picture you can see the dude welded his stock exhaust manifolds shut and then proceeded to make a hole in the manifold and weld a press bent tube from Autozone that goes to the turbo. Maybe this guy posted the article back in 1989 on his BBS when there was less knowledge about turbocharging? I'm not sure what there is to be proud of. Check out the in depth 5 step article. It's a good read. Just make sure you aren't drinking anything because you'll blast your screen when you crack up.

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