Eurotrip, 2010 Geeks on a Plane


Eurotrip, 2010 Geeks on a Plane

By Mike Kojima and Jeff Naeyaert

If updates have been sort of slow lately, it’s because Jeff and Mike have been out of the country leaving Martin in charge of the palatial MotoIQ headquarters where he has probably been sleeping on a semi-permanent siesta.  We are currently in Germany for the world famous 24 hours of Nürburgring thanks to the good folks at KW Suspension.

Arriving at the airport early due to extreme security because of terrorist assholes, we found some spare time.  We realized that we hadn’t eaten in over 20 hours so we force ourselves to eat some expensive bad airport food.  Yes, for the price of dinner at a fine restaurant, you can eat like this.  Jeff ordered cheese sticks which are like fuel rods for his colon.  Danger for the planes passengers!  Unfortunately I, would be sitting next to him.


Our plane was this 747 which was stuffed to the gills.  An upgrade to business class would have cost us $1600–still too rich for the MotoIQ budget…  Jeff had to sit in the bitch seat.


Our guide for this trip is KW engineer, Jay Chen.  You probably know him as a Sport Compact Car and Modified Magazine editor, well he is also an engineer.  He is known in the industry as the trunk monkey as we always make him ride in the trunk on crowded media outings…


Import Tuner’s Carter Jung is with us on this trip.


Drift videographer Skylar Smith was on our flight with Team Falken.  Everyone including us uses the compact Cannon S90 it looks like.  It’s great for low light stuff, but doesn’t seem to handle the highlights or skintones very well…


So was the always lovely Eri Moriyama.


No one talks anymore, we all chat via text.


The race is held at Nürburging.  The Nürburgring is a race track and vehicle development test center around the village of Nürburg, Germany. It features a modern FIA spec Formula 1 track built in the mid 80’s, and the long world famous North loop track or Nordschleife which was built in the 1920s around the village and medieval castle of Nürburg in the Eifel mountains. It is located about 120 kilometers (75 mi) northwest of Frankfurt. The much feared 17.6 mile long Nordschleife was nicknamed “The Green Hell” by ex multi F1 champ Jackie Stewart and is considered to be the toughest, most dangerous and most demanding purpose-built racing circuit in the world. Originally, the track was developed as a proving ground for the German automotive industry but it was soon used for racing as well. The 24 hour race is held on the renowned and feared Nordschleife.

Getting ready to be groped by the TSA.  Poor guys!


Bye bye LA!


Randyl Dawn, Team Falken Campaign Girl was sitting behind Jeff.  Jeff tried to get the weird German lady sitting next to him in the aisle seat to switch seats with her (I wonder why) but she said NEIN!


Lufthansa kicks ass, unlimited free alcohol!  Later I figured out why.  The planes have the world’s worst Recaro seats and there is absolutely no room between rows.   The booze serves as a pain killer.  Seriously, my ass was so sore and I couldn’t feel my legs after a few hours.  The pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep either.  I should have drank much more… Free alcohol probably minimizes customer complaints.  Jeff still complained the stewardess short-poured his.


WTF, Meg Whitman is a Nazi!!!


See the seats really are Recaros!  Sticking their logo on here is a huge mistake by Recaro.  These seats would equally suit an interrogation room in Guantanamo Bay! 


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