Eurotrip, 2010 Geeks on a Plane


We are here!



German drift car.


Geeks, say “hallo” to the Nurburgring!  The place is amazing, nothing like this exists in America.  Germans take their motorsports seriously, not like crappy NASCAR stuff in the USA which is like Pro Wrestling.  The facility is modern and crazy, like racing in Disneyland.  Not too many good pictures here.  I was getting delirious with lack of sleep and could hardly walk or talk.


A trip to Nurburgring is like a trip to Mecca for a car nut and we were very fortunate to be invited to attend the famed 24 hour race by KW suspension.  KW has much experience with the Nordschleife and it’s one of the reasons why their suspension works so well.

Your papers please!  We first checked in and got our media credentials…


…which got us access to this fully equipped and awesome media room.  Food, drink, tv monitors and wireless.  This is the best media center we’ve ever been in!  Here we leave you until tomorrow as we need sleep!


Getting there is half the fun!  Stay tuned, we’ll be updating daily so you can virtually experience the trip right along with us! 

Special thanks to:

KW Suspension

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