Eurotrip, 2010 Geeks on a Plane



400 year old German beer and more fart fuel!


Jeff takes a Trazodone, I am not sure if this is legal.  It was a 5 year old expired pill his little sister gave him to help him sleep on the plane…


and we’re out….


The track is open to the public and you can actually drive on it for 22 Euros per lap when a race is not taking place.  It is also used as a proving ground for the automotive industry and most of the world’s leading automotive manufactures and tire companies have extensive R&D facilities in an industrial park on the track ground.  Many of the buildings are unmarked and secret.  The OEM’s battle it out for the marketing value of having the fastest lap time around the Nordschleife.  The Nordscheife is known for its rough and bumpy surface with jumps where the cars actually get airborn.  A car engineered to go fast on the Nordschleife can work well anywhere in the world, hence the tracks popularity as a test course.

Good morning somewhere over Iceland.


Greenland is somewhere down there. It looks really freaking cold and cloudy. 



About to land in Frankfurt!  The verdant landscape is almost as beautiful as the prospect of getting out of these %(*@#*#$ seats!


Skylar, Jeff and Carter rejoice!  This is what it must feel like to be a free’d POW!


Calvin Kim from road and track and DSport’s Mike Ferrara joined us at the airport.  Our hosts from KW picked us up in this cool turbodiesel VW van with KW V3 suspension.  More on the van later.



Our host Oliver Scherbaum pilots the KW Ubervan. The fully laiden van easily cruised on the Autobahn at 120 mph!  The KW V3 suspension helped the van stick to the road like glue even when loaded down with a bunch of us, luggage and gear.  Germany is a driver’s paradise.  Germans drive 10x better than Americans.  On the Autobahn, people fly, we were going over 100 mph and cars were zooming past us.  Everything was under control even with traffic.  On narrow mountain roads people still haul ass without problems.  We love Germany.  If driving laws were like this in the USA, the carnage would be amazing.


Heavy traffic, hauling ass, no problem for German drivers.  Even small cars go fast on the Autobahn, probably due to turbo diesel torque and high gearing.


Narrow and twisty roads, lots of traffic and high speeds, everyone is probably going 60 mph here.  No problem with skillful and properly trained Germans.


The Rhine and Danube rivers come together right here.  I was so tired I don’t exactly remember where here was though.


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