Event Coverage: NHRA Winternationals Finals


Pro Stock Finals

Winternationals Pro Stock Final
From the start of the finals, you could say that Jeg Coughlin's reaction time and seat time would nearly give him the win. His best reaction time was a .010 and worst was a .036 against Kurt Johnson in the Quarter Finals. Where as Vincent Nobile's best was an .018 and worst was a .031 in the Semi Finals.
NHRA Winternationals Pro Stock Finals
However, in that Semi Final, Vincent showed that he had the power to overcome a bad reaction time. Vincent had consistent 210 MPH passes at 6.5XX times during eliminations while Jeg had inconsistent times from 208 to 210 MPH and 6.53 to 6.67 ET (Elapsed Time). Clearly, Vincent was on point with speed, but Jeg was on point with reaction.
NHRA Winternationals Pro Stock Final
That's when fate made some really weird moves at the burnout box. At first, it looked like Vincent wasn't going to start. Jeg had already ran his burnout and shut the car off when it seemed that Vincent wasn't going to make it. Then Nobile's car fired back up and did his burnout.
NHRA Winternationals Pro Stock Finals
Then Jeg's car failed to refire! It looked like Vincent was going to get a bye run and if the Jegs crew couldn't get the car to start in 7 seconds, he would. At 6 seconds and some change, Coughlin's car fired up after finding the disconnected starter wire and pulled to the staging lights.
NHRA Winternationals Pro Stock Finals
It looked like a once in a lifetime chance or a really bad movie, depending on who you asked. However, both cars were now staged, the tree counted down and then the unthinkable happened.
NHRA Winternationals Pro Stock Finals
Despite being so consistent, despite who he ran against, Jeg Coughlin pulled a -.014 light. At the start of the race, Coughlin threw the race to Nobile. “I put decent numbers up on reaction time all day,” Coughlin began, “but I don't feel like I really ever hit the tree. So, maybe, it kind of caught up with us.” With reaction time being so paramount in Pro Stock, it's easy to understand why even the best can cut it too close. “We kind of gave that one away,” said Jeg.
Pro Stock Winternationals Winner Vincent Nobile
Vincent Nobile, on the other hand, “It's great, we're leaving here with the points lead and that's the goal. Now we just need to stay consistent and keep it going.” When Jeg couldn't refire, Vincent wasn't sure what was going on at first. “When I did my burnout, my car stalled and that is why I was late getting back during my burnout. They didn't know what was going on with me, I knew what was going on with me, so they shut their car down. Took my time for a second, started it back up, backed it up, and then Jeggy was having a problem! I had no idea what was going on.” The crew wasn't quite sure either, “First, they said, 'You're running a single,' then, 'no, you're running,' then, 'you're doing a single,' then we finally raced it and it ended up in our favor.”


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