Fluidampr: The Independent Test


Our OEM crank damper will be our Light Heavyweight at 4.90 lbs.

The Fluidampr comes in as our Heavy weight at 5.85 lbs.

Wait a white car? Due to the Nameless header on the MotoIQ Project Autocross BRZ we opted to find another car locally to test with. Swapping the crank damper/pulley take a matter of roughly 4 minutes.

My test car would normally be Project Autocross BRZ, however the Nameless header does not quite allow the room for the quick and easy change of the crank pulley. So I decided to enlist another locally well prepped/modded BRZ for this damper/pulley shootout. The test subject is a 2014 Subaru BRZ equipped with a GrimmSpeed intake, Tomei UEL header, Nameless Performance 2.5 inch catted over/front pipe and muffled track pipe. This car has also been outfitted with an EcuTek tune that was performed by Moto East Tuning. 

The crank pulley swap is super easy as long as you take a few careful steps. Tools needed for the swap are basic hand tools: a ½ drive torque wrench (to torque the pulley when reinstalled) a long ½ drive breaker bar and 22mm ½ drive socket (for the crank pulley itself), then a 14mm socket and socket wrench (used on the tensioner pulley). Literally a 4 minute job max to swap the pulley. Just remember a few simple things: put the car in 6th gear, quick snappy motion when breaking the pulley bolt loose, when the pulley bolt is loosened do not completely remove and carefully wiggle the pulley off of the keyhole before removing the crank bolt completely, if you have never removed your crank pulley before be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Our dyno test was done at my favorite, very local, King Motorsports Unlimited on their DynoJet dyno. We made a very valid attempt to keep the dyno conditions and car conditions as close as possible. Each crank pulley was run at the same operating temps and air temps varied roughly 2 degrees over the entire test. With this in mind and the ability to change the crank pulley without unstrapping the car from the dyno we feel that we were able to prodcue the best results possible with the least amount of variables.


1st up on the dyno was our Flyweight, the Perrin.

Perrin pulley dyno run video.

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