Fluidampr: The Independent Test


The Light Heavyweight OEM damper mounted and about to spin up.
Stock pulley dyno run video.

Finally, the Fluidampr Heavyweight!
Fluidampr pulley dyno run video.

One thing we did notice was how smooth the car ran with the Fluidampr installed.

Dyno results for WHP and WTQ. (click for larger image)

So now we come down to the numbers game, the bottom line of this test. 

  • Perrin – the Flyweight = 177.82 peak WHP with 138.29 ft. lbs max torque 
  • OEM Subaru – the Light Heavyweight = 179.19 peak WHP with 139.81 ft. lbs max torque 
  • Fluidampr – the reigning Heavyweight = 179.05 peak WHP with 139.03 ft. lbs max torque

What this does show it that a roughly 1 pound heavier Fluidampr crank pulley can make the same wheel horsepower and torque as the OEM Subaru unit but with an even smoother more balanced crank. It also shows that what should be the lighter and faster Perrin pulley did not translate into more horsepower or torque. Is it just this simple? Nope, it isn’t.

During the test we noticed how smooth the car ran when it was equipped with the Fluidampr. We even further noticed when the car was on the dyno how the engine sounded smoother as it made its runs. Again this could be us being crazy but the four of us there were all in agreement, Fluidampr allowed the Subaru Boxer engine to run out the smoothest out of the 3.

It was also decided that the Fluidampr would remain on our test car for the next couple weeks to have the daily driver test done on it. Over those 2 weeks our test car owner comments were: “It feels smooth,”  “ Toned down the exhaust rasp a little” and  “it shifts way smoother”. His comments are again just his opinion.

I understand all that I have done here just shows some numbers, weights, video and data that some may chalk up one way or the other. What we can’t really show here though is the long term benefits of the dampened pulley on the engine. I know it now becomes a subjective thing and everyone may see or feel things differently, but with that said the numbers don’t lie. We feel that the benefits and claims of the Fluidampr are very valid for your car and ours.



The original Fluidampr


King Motorsports



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