Formula D Texas: Behind the Lens


Dave Briggs and team are always nice to hang out with even when it is just about time to qualify; they are constantly in good spirits with jokes and laughter that make everyone a little less tense. Briggs laid down a solid run, but unfortunately did not qualify due to a lack of power. I heard from one of his teammates that a V8 build may be coming for next season, and in that case, we should all look forward to at least one podium from this talented Canadian driver. The rain eventually stopped after Danny, Joon Maeng, and I did a quick rain dance, so I headed over to the main part of the track to finish shooting qualifying and check out the paddock.

Some of the coolest things about a new event location are the new faces and looks of excitement that surround the whole event and main paddock area. 7:45 eventually rolled around and the driver autograph session began and judging by the look of the line of fans, it was a good hour long wait.

I walked around the back side of the paddock area checking out all the pro am cars and drivers. By the looks on their faces you could tell which ones had qualified for the next day or the ones whose season ended that afternoon. Alexander, the driver I had met the night before back at the hotel, had qualified despite having blown a transmission and just barely getting it fixed in time for his run.

Friday finally comes to an end, and I head back to the hotel ready to continue some photo editing and greet the puffy pillows with my sleepy face. Before I know it, morning rolls around and eventually early afternoon; back to the track. Walking towards the main entrance under the bridge, the line is already backed up pretty far, more people than the day before. Saturday is not as humid as the day before, which is great news for the drivers since they have to be in their fire suits and helmets all day long. I meet up with my friend Rathyna and Joey Redmond in the media center for a bit then head out to watch Pro Am finals. The rookies seemed to be bringing their A game and are eager to close out their season with a win or Formula D license for some. Alexander, who I was watching all weekend, sadly lost this round but became the very first driver from Arkansas to receive a pro license, so exciting!

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