Formula D Texas: Behind the Lens


During top 32 practice I spent some time with Dave Briggs and company, always a lot of fun chatting about our thoughts on other teams/drivers as well as plans for Briggs and the following season. Quite a bit of people stopped by to check out his S14 and take pictures with him which is a great sign that his popularity is starting to grow even more. One of the qualities I have noticed in Dave over the years before driving in Formula D is that he is one of the most humble guys I know. Sure, he’s been frustrated, but you can barely notice it behind his smile. It really feels like next year will be the year Dave gets up on that podium which will be well earned through his hard work, dedication, and ability to not let an ego consume him and his team.

Top 32 begins almost immediately with a bang! My personal favorite run was when Yoshioka decided to get rowdy with Rob Primo and pass him while chasing, which sadly is not allowed. Boo! His angle and precision made it so exciting to watch up close through my lens and feel the astonishment from the large crowd behind me cheering for more action like that. Yoshioka wound up getting a zero for that gangster run, but it still made for some incredible shots!

One of my favorite things about photographing Formula D events is getting to spend time around other media friends that are constantly at every event. I have been shooting for 2 years, been around drifting for 8, and it never gets old seeing and especially joking around with everyone. There are definitely two events going on in and around the track; the drifting that everyone watches and the shenanigans that take place in the corral of photographers. Whether it’s taking goofy pictures of each other, recreating vines mocking Miley Cyrus (nailed it!), or poking friendly fun at drivers who look like they are about to get Gittin’d, it's almost always the highlight of my FD experiences.

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