Formula Drift 2013: Round 5 at Evergreen Speedway Full Coverage


Fredric Aasbo“You're getting stanced, son!” Yelled out Jarod Deanda after watching Fredric Aasbo lose a left rear suspension part. Evergreen Speedway was very hard on left rear anything this year.

Chris Forsberg and Fredric Aasbo would face each other to see which step of the podium they would be fighting for. It had started off great, with Aasbo leading into Power Alley he experienced a mechanical failure and by the time Fredric transitioned the failure gave and pushed him into a half spin. Forsberg may have nearly hit him, but there was no contact between the two drivers to create the failure on Aasbo’s rear wheel. Unable to fix it with enough time, Forsberg would move one by default.

Odi Bakchis Fredric AasboAnother left rear tire ruin's Odi's chances at a podium!

This would also give Aasbo Third Place, as Odi used his competition time out and he could not replace the de-beaded tire after his first run against Aasbo. It's unknown as this time why Odi was having such a hard time with keeping tires beaded coming off the bank. However, that is a long drift the drivers were going through and it looked to be putting a lot of stress on the left rear tires.

Mike Essa Chris ForsbergMike Essa is on a tear in 2013! If he is just now getting comfortable in the M3, I'm excited to see what he has in store for 2014 already.

So, we would go straight into the final battle between Mike Essa and Chris Forsberg. It was great driving by both drivers, but it would not come down to a One More Time. As all three drivers, Aasbo, Forsberg, and Essa drove to the flag stand, Jarod Deanda had announced that a winner was chosen. That would be Chris Forsberg!

Chris Forsberg Mike EssaChris Forsberg wins at Seattle and puts himself squarely in contention for the 2013 title.

With that win, he would jump into the points lead and Mike Essa would stay in Second Place. Daigo Saito would fall to third in points. However, it is only 2.75 points from Daigo to Forsberg and just .75 points between Essa and Saito. It isn’t over and is shaping up to be an even more exciting season than last year.

Evergreen Speedway Seattle PodiumThe podium for Evergreen Speedway: Chris Forsberg, Mike Essa, and Fredric Aasbo!

The next round will be at Texas Motor Speedway and while it will be a new venue, it’s not new to the Formula Drift series. They toured Texas once before and now they are back in the Long Horn State. This is the new monkey wrench in the season and after the gigantic mix-up in points at Round 5, what will Texas have in store for them?

MotoIQ will be there in person to get all the stories from the new track to the local stars to the battles; we’ll get you depth like no one else can. We’ll see you live in Texas!

Evergreen Speedway Seattle Ladder

Formula Drift 2013 Top 5 Points after Round 5

1. Chris Forsberg – 388 points

2. Mike Essa – -1.50 points

3. Daigo Saito – -2.75 points

4. Vaughn Gittin, Jr – -21.00 points

5. Fredric Aasbo – -33.50 points

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