Formula Drift 2013 Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway – Eliminations Coverage


The Real Top 16

Conrad Gruenwald Vaughn Gittin Jr Formula Drift Texas

We start the Top 16 with the oldest rivalry in the pony car world: Mustang vs Camaro

Next, well actually this would be the first battle of the Top 16, were Vaughn Gittin, Jr and Conrad Gruenwald with both drivers getting zeros in their first runs. In their one more time, Vaughn Gittin, Jr would outperform Conrad with a closer chase and a larger gap against him.

chelsea denofa

Chelsea just edging that line! Was he off?

Pat Mordaunt and Chelsea Denofa faced off to see who would make it to the Great 8. While Pat’s previous runs weren’t all that stellar against Dean Kearney, his battle against Chelsea would go much better after Denofa made major mistakes on his lead run and earned a deduction in his follow run. Pat, on the other hand, would run like he should have against Kearney the first time.

Chelsea Denofa Pat Mordaunt formula drift texas

Pat Mordaunt moves on against Chelsea Denofa.

The Monster Killer, Matt Field would need to get past the Get Nuts Labs driver of Forrest Wang. Matt would do so as Forrest would not be able to perform like he had in his previous battle and his stellar qualifying run on Friday. It was a shame as Forrest has been drifting for a long time and he was looking quite good in Texas. It could have been the breakthrough event, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Matt Field Forrest Wang formula drift texas

They call him “Legend Killer”. We call him Matt Field only because he lets us.

In his second Top 16 appearance, Danny George had face down the man with everything to prove, Robbie Nishida. If you remember, Robbie had just run the one more time against Odi and decisively put him away. Danny, though, had found his speed again and had a really awesome lead run. George would throw it away as he spun out on his follow run giving the win to Robbie. Danny and “Super Short Shorts” Dan Brockett would have to go home, but I’m willing to bet Dan was the coolest guy around. Not because he looked good with the shortest shorts a man shouldn’t wear, but because it was so damn hot and humid.

Danny George Robbie Nishida formula drift texas

That's not tire smoke coming out of the cabin of the V8 Miata, it's Danny thinking of Dan Brockett in his shorter than short shorts.

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