Formula Drift 2013 Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway – Eliminations Coverage


Pat Mordaunt Chris Forsberg formula drift texas

Before we would know who would take 1st place, we had to see who would take 3rd.

Matt Field has been on fire for the past rounds of Formula Drift and really showed what he was made of that night. In the Final Four, he was able to get past controversial winner, Pat Mordaunt in the Diamond Lighting Lexus SC430. Matt would have to face Mike Essa in the GSR Autoworks BMW M3 and no matter the result, it would be the best result in Matt's career with his first ever podium.

Chris Forsberg take third formula drift texas

Wisdom takes 3rd with Chris Forsberg!

Before we could do that, though, we needed to see who would take the last step on the podium for the first ever round at Texas Motor Speedway. That fight would be against Pat Mordaunt in the Diamond Lighting Lexus SC430 and no matter the outcome here, it would be his best career finish in Formula Drift. Chris Forsberg and the NOS Energy Nissan 370Z has been in this position before, several times actually. Could the youth and exuberance of Pat Mordaunt win against the experience and wisdom of Chris Forsberg? On this day, it would be experience and wisdom as Pat Mordaunt would spin on both of his runs. Chris Forsberg would claim Third Place and keep his point loss to a minimum against Mike Essa, but how much of a minimum was yet to be seen.

Matt Field Mike Essa Formula Drift Texas

What was going through the head of Matt Field at this point? Better question would be how big is his smile right now?

To make it this far and be your first ever podium, one can only imagine the thoughts running through the head of the Blacktrax/CX Racing Nissan 240SX driver of Matt Field. Not only would this be his best result, but he would be the highest finishing Maxxis Tires driver in 2013. Mike Essa, on the other hand in his GSR Autosport BMW E46 M3, has been here before only a three rounds ago in Palm Beach, Florida. He knew what he had to do and how to do it. Mike had the best tools in his hand and there was no improving them now.

Mike Essa Chris Forsberg Matt Field formula drift texas

Your podium for the first ever event at Texas Motor Speedway! Chris Forsberg 3rd, Matt Field 2nd, and Mike Essa 1st.

Was it following Mike Essa and the amazing angle of the Wisefab kit or was it the nerves and jitters of knowing that no matter how you finish this would be your best result? It’s hard to say why Matt Field spun on his follow run. I could only then imagine the thoughts going through his head as he put on the best lead run of his night. Though, Matt still can’t be disappointed with a Second Place finish as it will be the best of his career to this point. Mike Essa not only takes the win, but also a 15.50 lead against Chris Forsberg and a 64.00 point lead against Fredric Aasbo in third.

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