Formula Drift 2013 Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway – Eliminations Coverage


Pat Mordaunt Vaughn Gittin Jr formula drift texas

Missed it by that much? Not according to the Diamond Lighting team as they filed a protest after this run.

The Great 8

The second controversy of the night and the biggest of the event was the run of Pat Mordaunt and Vaughn Gittin, Jr. Just as with the run with Odi and Robbie, Pat looked like he made larger mistakes against Vaughn Gittin, Jr. The runs Pat made were minor deductions and enough to say that Vaughn had done better.

formula drift texas

Were the judges and Pat right?

However, just before the Final Four, I’m jumping just a little again, Pat filed a protest. Everyone expected it not to be upheld, I mean, we’re talking Vaughn Gittin, Jr. and the face of a major sponsor of Formula Drift; Ford. The protest was heard and video was reviewed just before again. If you didn’t read the results post from Sunday Morning, just hang on and see what happens next.

Vaughn Gittin Jr formula drift texas

Pack a lunch, we're going to be here a while.

The man on a mission, Robbie Nishida would have a tough mountain to climb. That mountain would be Matt Field, the guy who took Daigo Saito to a one more time in 2012; The guy who’s taken out Daijiro Yoshihara, twice. He’s called the giant killer for a reason and it’s not just the Supercharged and Nitrous Oxide fed GM LS-engine under the hood of the Blacktrax Nissan 240SX. Matt is a guy who performs behind the wheel and doesn’t let anyone get into his head.

Robbie’s Mojo had seemed to also run out while he was leading, too. Coming into the first turn, Robbie straightened out and even impeded Matt’s line. Matt kept calm and was able to keep driving behind Robbie. While they did make some contact, it was probably because of that contact that Robbie was able to keep drifting. The contact was ruled an error on Robbie’s part and Matt would move on to the Final Four!

former matt powers fans

Where are you going? The fun's just… Wait, how do you hellaflush a damn trailer?


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