Fully Filtered: Dave Martis’ K&N Engineering Ford Mustang RTR


Dave Martis K&N Engineering Ford Mustang RTRAnother unique feature from CorteX that’s on this RTR Mustang is their front K-Member. The OEM K-Member, like in Mustangs of years past, is made of stamped steel. While the stock piece is far improved over the SN95 and Fox Body Mustang, the OEM K-Member still isn’t going to stand up to the abuse of high traction, R-Compound tires.
Dave Martis K&N Engineering Ford Mustang RTRThe CoreteX K-Member increases the strength of the RTR Mustang here and allows either the 05-10 hydraulic or 11-14 electric power assist racks to be used. Further improvements come in the form of adjustable camber, caster, roll center height, and even track width with this combination of the CorteX K-Member and SLA Conversion.
Dave Martis K&N Engineering Ford Mustang RTROne minor modification that was made to the K-Member was this notch that was cut out of a supporting brace for the Oil Temperature Sensor in the oil pan.
Dave Martis K&N Engineering Ford Mustang RTRFor shifting duties, Dave relies on the Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed transmission. The T56 Magnum is capable of handling 700 ft-lbs of torque and 8,000 RPM shifts. The package comes with the required cross-member…
Dave Martis K&N Engineering Ford Mustang RTR… and the SFI rated bellhousing is supplied by Tremec as well.
Dave Martis K&N Engineering Ford Mustang RTRThe axle is a modified version of the Ford 8.8 rear end, but has been beefed up with a Drexler LSD and the axle shafts are made by Speedway Engineering and are fully floating. The ring and pinion ratio is 4.10:1 made by Ford Racing. The axle tubes were replaced with stronger, larger ones and was all installed by Currie Enterprises. Currie Enterprises already has jigs ready to go for the S197 for this procedure and will make it fit the brake package you decide to go with.

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