Fully Filtered: Dave Martis’ K&N Engineering Ford Mustang RTR


K&N Engineering Mustang RTRSpeaking of the brake package, Dave is using the Baer 6R Mono Block brake system. It's a fully bolt on system with billet aluminum calipers and provisions for the rear drum parking brakes for street cars, so they include new backing plates in the kit. The 6R Kit are 6 piston calipers and the pistons shrink from the leading piston to the trailing piston. The reason this is done is because debris can gather at the trailing edge of the brake pad and this can cause taper wear. A larger trailing piston provides more pressure to compensate for this debris buildup and keep the pad flat against the rotor.
K&N Engineering Mustang RTRThe front features the very same Baer 6R racing caliper setup and the CorteX Racing spindles fit with no fuss.
K&N Engineering Mustang RTRHawk Performance DTC-7 racing brake pads squeeze down on the Baer vented and slotted rotors front and rear as well.
K&N Engineering Mustang RTRThe front brakes feature a custom ducting to help keep the rotors and calipers cool while Dave charges through the American Iron field.
K&N Engineering Mustang RTRBassani worked with Dave and his crew at K&N to create this exhaust system for the RTR Mustang.
K&N Engineering Mustang RTRIt features long tube headers and X-pipe that help get the fumes out of the engine with minimal backpressure.

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