Garrett EVO X Bolt On Turbos

FINALLY releasing this week are the Garrett EVO X bolt-on turbos based on the GT3071 and GT3076 CHRAs. Khiem and the engineers at Garrett spent A LOT of time on designing this turbo for precise OEM quality fitment and maximum performance. These turbos are not a generic Garretts made to bolt into place of the Mitsubishi TD05. A lot of time was spent perfecting gas flow with bespoke compressor and turbine housings. The results are a whole new volute shape for the divided turbine housing and a slightly tweaked volute shape of the legendary high flowing T04S compressor housing. Some specs of the center cartridge:

Compressor: 12 blade (6 full/6 splitter), 68mm diameter, 48 Trim
Turbine: 12 blade, 56mm,76Trim
Turbine Housing A/R: 10.5cm^2
Wastegate Actuator Open Pressure: 11psi

GARRETT EVO X GT3071/GT3076 Turbo:
Compressors: 12 blade (6full/6splitter), GT3071 71mm/56 trim & GT3076 76.2mm/56 trim
Turbine: 10 blade, 60mm, 84 trim
Turbine Housing A/R: 0.73A/R or optional 0.94A/R
Stock Wastegate Actuator Open Pressure: 17psi

Retail prices for the 3071 unit is $2290 and $2440 for the 3076. Get ready for some serious EVO X horsepower.

Here’s the 0.73A/R housing next to the factory turbine housing. If you got balls, you need one of these turbos and smoke some 4G63 ass.

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