Getting Project STurdteen (S13) Running Right with AEM Electronics and Wiring Specialties


Since this is a drift car, Wiring Specialties built a harness without traction control or drive by wire throttle but kept the conventional cable throttle and throttle position sensor or TPS. Also, since this is for the S13 SR20DET, there is no variable cam timing or VTC nor are there individual coils. Also, I will be running Speed Density mapping with the Infinity so no mass airflow meter or MAF was needed, but a provision for a manifold absolute pressure or MAP sensor was built in.
The engine control relays and fuses are bundled together so they can be conveniently mounted near the ECU to facilitate troubleshooting and maintenance.
Here's the important part we've been waiting for – the plug that was made perfectly for the AEM Infinity 8. Plug and play coming to life!
We quickly began the installation of the new wiring harness. Every single component and sensor connection was labeled on the harness which made it easy to cross-reference with the diagram that Wiring Specialties sent over with the harness.
The engine harness replacement  with the Wiring Specialties harness was very simple. We ended up having to modify the connector tabs on my DeatschWerks 950cc injectors which didn't fit the harnesses' OEM plugs.  This wasn't that hard and could have been avoided if we told Wiring Specialties what injectors we were running in the first place.  Attaching the harness to every other component and sensor was quick and easy plug-in simple.

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