Getting Project STurdteen (S13) Running Right with AEM Electronics and Wiring Specialties


Here, my hand model is pulling the new Wiring Specialties harness through the grommet in the firewall into the main cabin as we search for the best place to mount everything.
As you can see, we were in a rush. Unfortunately when you're fighting a deadline, making things look nice kind of takes a back seat. I plan on cleaning everything up (I promise – Sensei Kojima will be angry if I don't) when I have more time than now. (editor's note, WTF is this mess!  Proper wire routing isn't for looks, it's to avoid chafing, kinking, pinching and other failure modes! -MK)
Here's the Infinity ECU mounted up and ready to go and awaiting the WS harness.  The ECU is out of the way here yet still easy to access for tuning, data logging, and troubleshooting. 
After a few sleepless nights of trying to get the car running and rolling right, I was finally able to make it onto our dyno the day before the competition. Spoiler alert: this did not end well and I did not enjoy it. 
AEM Electronics sent over their very own Beau to handle the tuning. Before I dive further into how my dyno session went, I must say that Beau is Batman in real life. He really knows what he's doing and is the hero that saved Gotham. Okay, maybe not Gotham, but he really saved my butt and he's the reason I was able to make it to my competition. 

Beau ended up spending the whole day with us and helped troubleshoot many of the issues I was running into. Originally, we were looking to do a test on AEM's new AFR gauge (which you can read up about in an upcoming article), but we weren't able to get to it due to many issues…

The first problem of the day – we were having some issues getting the base timing right. After trying out a few things, we narrowed it down to a faulty crank angle sensor or CAS.

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