Getting Project STurdteen (S13) Running Right with AEM Electronics and Wiring Specialties


Here is the wideband O2 sensor. We installed an extra one in the downpipe as well to do a side-by-side comparison of AEM's new AFR gauge against a generic competitor's gauge. 
Included in the kit is the new MAP sensor as well as oil pressure and coolant temperature senders. 
The Infinity ECU combines with the Plug & Play harness to replace the factory ECU. It controls all of the engine functions and the Plug & Play wiring harness adapter eliminates the need for cutting and splicing wires. However, AEM's PNP harness for the SR20DET is intended for the 94-96 engines of the S14 SR20DETs. With that being said, I decided to look into some engine harness solutions to accommodate the AEM EMS on my S13. 
Lo and behold, Wiring Specialties enters the stage. Wiring Specialties saved the day and helped me out with a custom engine harness. Before I dive in, I must shamelessly plug (pun intended) Wiring Specialties for their amazing customer service. 

Upon discovery that the Infinity PNP system would not work with my stock S13 SR20DET engine configuration, I went into a slight frenzy. I was trying to get the car going for Round 1 of Top Drift and had only 10 days from this point to get it done.

The folks at Wiring Specialties had a quick response time and were able to build this harness from scratch and have it to me (I live across the country from them) in less than a week. They also have an awesome tech support team that seemingly never sleeps and have been incredible in answering any questions I had during the installation process.


The boss always harps that 80% of race car failures are caused by wiring and plumbing failures. He insisted that I invest in good quality wiring and the Wiring Specialties harness fit the bill. The Wiring Specialties harness itself was put together with great attention to detail using OEM quality plugs and automotive grade wire.  The harness was properly terminated and covered with a sheath of protective anti-chafing material and shrink tubing that is ideal for racing applications.

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