Global Rally Cross, Vegas Style


In the Lites division, Mitchell Dejong (Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiesta) won the Vegas race as well as the championship with a comfortable lead of 489 points, 158 points over Kevin Ericsson. Dejong isn't even old enough to vote (17) but stood just 15 points shy of a perfect season going into the Vegas race and he certainly dominated in this one following in the footsteps of Joni Wiman with 7 wins in one Lites season. He also has two X games medals. Definitely look for more from this kid (seriously, 17!).

Ken blockKen Block needed to finish Vegas about 2-3 positions in front of Wiman to take the championship.

These were the current standings coming into Vegas:

    Joni Wiman, 332
    Ken Block, 320
    Nelson Piquet Jr., 304
    Scott Speed, 303
    Sverre Isachsen, 247
    Patrik Sandell, 239
    Steve Arpin, 208
    Rhys Millen, 196
    Tanner Foust, 178
    Bucky Lasek, 173
    Austin Dyne, 147
    Brian Deegan, 127
    Emma Gilmour, 40
    Pat Moro, 5


    Ford, 841
    Volkswagen, 481
    Subaru, 420
    Hyundai, 236
    Chevrolet, 5

tanner foustScott Speed and Tanner Foust both won the first two heats in their VW Andretti Rallycross Beetles.
ken blockKen Block also won both of his heats getting some of the best air off the jump.
scott speed and Scott Speed became the only driver of the 2014 season to compete in every main event even though he's advanced based on his finish in the LCQ round most of those times.  Speed has actually raced every race since last August at X Games Los Angeles.
deeganBrian Deegan finished second in the 2012 season garnering five podiums.  He was fourth in 2013. He advanced to the final where he only finished 8 of 10 laps, finishing 9th in Vegas and 12th overall.

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