Global Rally Cross, Vegas Style


lasekScott Speed had an early lead in the first semifinal in his new VW Beetle but Bucky Lasek passed him just after the dirt jump on the fourth lap.
Rhys MillenLasek made contact with Rhys Millen in the first lap of the first semifinal, causing a pair of flat tires to Millen's Veloster.  The menage a trois also involved Tanner Foust, forcing him to bow out early. Foust ended up finishing third in the LCQ and started the final from the last row.
arpinSteve Arpin actually had to stop on the track after the incident but managed to complete the semifinal in 3rd advancing to the final. He has missed qualifying and the first round of heats due to mechanical issues but was able to make a come back.
wiman and blockThe second semifinal was sure to be exciting, with Block, Wiman, and Piquet fighting to advance. Block and Wiman ran away at the start leaving Piquet at the start line.
Nelson Piquet JrPiquet Jr. got going but had to stop offcourse. He then had gearbox problems that kept him from being able to compete in the LCQ.

Patrik SandellPatrik Sandell taking the curb in this tight left turn after the back straight during heats. Sandell would go on to qualify in the second semifinal after Block and Wiman.

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