Global Rally Cross, Vegas Style


sverre isachsenIn the Last Chance Qualifier- GRC's equivalent of last call- Sverre Isachsen took the flag followed by Brian Deegan, Tanner Foust, and Emma Gilmour, all advancing to the final.
gilmourGilmour became the first female to move on to a GRC Final. She's been runner up three times in the New Zealand Rally Championship.
finalAdvancing to the final were Block, Wiman, Lasek, Speed, Isachsen, Foust, Gilmour, Arpin, Deegan, and Sandell.

speed and lasekThe first lap of the final race started with a tight group down the straight. Block took the holeshot followed by Wiman while Speed cut across from the outside and got twisted up with Lasek, sending both cars skidding into the tire wall and causing the officials to red flag the race.

blockSpeed and Lasek both made it back to the restart though Speed had to start from the last row. Block took the lead around the first corner with Lasek in 2nd and Wiman close behind. Speed made up a lot of ground getting to the fourth spot and then passing Wiman by taking the joker lap.
sandellSandell DNF'd after 3 laps in the final.

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