Global Time Attack Round 6 – Buttonwillow Raceway II


Limited FWD GTA Round 6 - Buttonwillow II 
In Limited FWD, Damien Cook took Third Place in his JHPUSA Honda Civic with a time of 1:59.264. Second Place went to MotoIQ nerd from another mother, Clint Boisdeau, who went 1:58.923 in the Novak HVAC Honda Civic. Taking First Place with a time of 1:55.222, Tim Kuo in the SportCar Motion Acura Integra Type-R not only took home $600, but also a new class record. 
Limited RWD GTA Round 6 - Buttonwillow II 
Limited RWD saw Dez Ballard in the European Auto Source BMW M3 go 1:56.841 and secure Third Place. Second Place was locked up by Carl Rydquist in the Hankook/City Tire Online Nissan 350Z with a time of 1:52:679. Taking home the First Place prize of $600 and a class record was the legendary Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada, the Godfather of Import Time Attack. His time was hard to beat at a 1:50.755 in the Platte Forme a. g. BMW E46 M3, just under 1 second faster than Second Place in Unlimited RWD! 
Limited AWD GTA Round 6 - Buttonwillow II 
Limited AWD came next and Third Place went to the RD Engineering Nissan GT-R of Roy Narvaez with a time of 1:57.781. In Second Place was JC Meynet in the AQ/Meynet Subaru Impreza STI with a time of 1:51.754. Finally, First Place went to Daniel O'Donnell in the Professional Awesome Mitsubishi Evolution. His time of 1:51.702 earned him $600! 
Unlimited FWD GTA Round 6 - Buttonwillow II 
As always, Unlimited FWD went to the Need for Speed Scion tC, but not to Chris Rado. This time the hot shoe was Jeff Westphal and he turned in a time of 1:47.749. In comparison, Chris Rado went 1:46.736 in 2010, so considering that this was Jeff's only time in the car, it's rather impressive to be just under a second slower than the guy who regularly drives it. We'll have to see what World Racing comes up with in 2013 to replace the F-Wing car. 
Unlimited RWD GTA Round 6 - Buttonwillow II 
The fast class of GTA Round 6 would be the Unlimited RWD cars. Third Place went to Robert Walker in the Evasive Tuning Scion FR-S. With a time of 1:59.272, the FR-S is proving to be a rather quick car. In Second Place was the Renner Motorsport BMW M3 driven by Don Pastor. His time of 1:51.860 shows that these older BMW chassis can still be quick and look just as mean. Taking First Place and the Fastest Lap of the Day was Billy Johnson in the FX Motorsports Development Acura NSX. The very aerodynamic and just as powerful NSX turned a lap time of 1:40.379, resetting the overall record at Buttonwillow by .602 seconds over their previously held record set at Super Lap Battle 2011 with Tyler McQuarrie at the wheel. 
Unlimited AWD GTA Round 6 - Buttonwillow II 
In Unlimited AWD and despite not turning a competitive lap in the GST Subaru Impreza, Jeff Westphal was awarded Third Place. In Second Place, Travis Barnes turned in a time of 1:56.380 in the Snail Performance Subaru Impreza STI. In First Place, with a time of 1:49.804, David Kern in the Mitsubishi Evolution was awarded $600 for his efforts. 
GTA Round 6 - Buttonwillow II 

Taking home the Championship in Unlimited Class is Jeff Westphal.  Westphal was able to do this by consistently competing in more events than Chris Rado and taking wins in his classes. The Championship in Limited Class goes to Dave Norton. Finally the Championship in Street Class goes to Daniel O'Donnell, despite a tie in points with Doug Wind.

In the Super Lap Battle competition Billy Johnson was awarded the Overall and Unlimited RWD victories. Eiji Yamada took home Limited RWD while Tim Kuo took home Limited FWD. Street Classes saw Alex Peng take home the AWD class and Rob Walker taking home RWD. Records still stand in Unlimited AWD, Unlimited FWD, Limited AWD, and Street FWD.


That's it! The 2012 Global Time Attack Series is done and in the books! Congratulations to our champions and winners in 2012. What does 2013 have in store for GTA? We'll have to wait and see, but maybe we can get John Naderi drunk enough to spill the beans in a future MotoIQ Radio broadcast. Stay Tuned!

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