Global Time Attack “Super Lap Battle” 2015


Likely the most unsuspecting entry in Street AWD also ended up being the quickest.  Ken Kasitz put on a great showing in his nearly stock appearance 2002 Subaru WRX.  What can’t be seen from the outside is his solid chassis setup, consisting of proper coilovers and suspension geometry correction parts and a engine/turbo package with a wide power band- thanks to Yimi Sport Tuning.  Having a balanced setup and being well driven, Ken ran away from the field with a winning lap time of 1:55.164.

Here we have Ken’s in-car video piloting his daily driven Subaru to 1:55 and first in Street AWD!

The Street AWD class podium, 3rd place Travis Barnes, 2nd place Istvan Klag, 1st place Ken Kasitz.
Time Attack veteran and owner of Chewerks, Robert Choo, secured 3rd place in Street FWD piloting the Street Lightz JDM Civic Type R.  Being NA and simple in chassis setup, Robert’s experience shined with a quick time of 1:58.463, despite sitting on the opposite side of the car.
Yuta Akaishi had planned to run his personal Civic sedan for Super Lap Battle to make a run for the class record, but time constraints left the car unable to compete.  So as backup, Yuta drove the Nemo’s Garage Supercharged, K series EG Civic to a solid 2nd place finish at 1:56.549
Chris Boersma made the trek yet again for Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle all the way from Canada. He made the trip worth it by shattering the previous class record held by Ken Suen.  With his turbocharged B series power Civic Si, Chris freight-trained his way to an incredible 1st place finish at 1:52.122. With minimal seat time at Buttonwillow, this is a huge feat.

Check out the record lap video of Chris Boersma in his insanely fast Turbo Civic!

Street FWD podium, 3rd place Robert Choo, 2nd place Yuta Akaishi, 1st place and new class record holder Chris Boersma.
It was great to see the A’pexi / Yokohama Lexus RC-F in Street RWD putting in solid laps and sounding as beautiful as it looks.  While being rather heavy and relatively undeveloped on track, Matt Johnson was still able to run a respectable 2:02.420 lap time.
HPS brought out a new 2015 Mustang Ecoboost to test the chassis’s potential and how well the turbo charged 4 cylinder and new independent rear suspension handled Buttonwillow Raceway and the Street RWD field.  With choice parts and not a significant amount of power upgrades, top pro/am drifter and avid time attack driver from years back, Kenny Chieu, was able to put down a 2:00.938 lap time without being equipped with the popular 5.0 liter Coyote V8.  This just goes to show the turbo 4 power plant can be quick.
Johnson Chen gave a good example of how well the new BMW M3 can get around Buttonwillow with a solid 1:59.905 lap time.  The turbo inline 6 has a great torque band, and HG Motorsports helped with a good suspension setup.
Matt DeReus, however, showed the new M3 what the ageing, yet still high potential, E46 M3 platform can do. He edged out Chen for the 5th place spot in class with a 1:59.163.
Not a common entry in US time attack, at least not in such close to OE fashion and being powered by the original 13B REW engine, Armen Pezeshkian proved the FD RX-7 will always be a good choice for track use with a quick 1:58.135 lap time- securing 4th place in a tough class.

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