Global Time Attack “Super Lap Battle” 2015


Unlimited Class

Unlimited class has the least restrictions, giving the builders much higher levels of freedom for setup, and it makes for some creative entries.  Also, the tire rules allow high grip qualifying slicks that can be either DOT or Non-DOT approved.  The suspension setups and aerodynamics can be extensive to match the big tire grip.

Roy Narvaez brought out his Pikes Peak Hill Climb Competition Evo to run in Unlimited class, which he was able to finish 3rd place at a time of 1:55.971.

A new-comer to Global Time Attack Super Lap battle was Jean Pierre Amor Rombaut in the Roma Racing Evo.  The extensive body work was hard to miss, but was clearly effective with a 2nd place finish in Unlimited class AWD at 1:53.482

Chief tech steward and the Godfather of Time Attack on the West, Tony Szirka piloted the UMS Tuning Evo to a 1st place victory in Unlimited class AWD with a time of 1:46.590, which is also Tony’s personal best at Buttonwillow Raceway.  The fact that Tony and his crew not only maintained the car during competition, but also handled all things related to their jobs within Global Time Attack, really shows their commitment to the sport- especially considering that they come all the way out from Arizona every round.

Unlimited Class AWD podium, 3rd place Roy Narvaez, 2nd place Jean Pierre Amor Rombaut, 1st place Tony Szirka.

Unlimited class FWD saw a somewhat uncharacteristically high car count this year at Super Lap Battle.  Ryan Novak, despite having a car that would fit into Limited class rules, decided to run a wider, high grip Unlimited class tire to better control the 400+whp from his Supercharged K series EK Civic hatch. Between day one and two, Ryan’s Civic had a clutch failure which was changed in the next garage over from Project EF, which also included excellent BBQ and beers. Even though he came up in last place, his lap time of 1:55.975 is nothing to scoff at.

I, myself, in MotoIQ Project EF racecar had an interesting couple of days at Super Lap Battle.  Leading up to the competition, some aerodynamic additions were made as well as ordering extremely sticky Hoosier A7 DOT slicks.  Even though they were the same size that I normally run in other brand tires, they were significantly wider which required extensive fender rolling and hammering to fit. Day one was plagued with mechanical issues, which left me changing out an alternator over night.  Day two, Project EF ran well leaving me getting accustomed to the tires’ grip level and what pressures to set them at for ideal performance. Going into the final session of the day, I had confidence in the car’s setup.

As I left the pits for the final session, my hood flipped up from forgetting to secure my hood pins before leaving the garage, making for a funny picture as I drove back into the pits through the dirt.

This was my field of vision as I went back out on track with a bent hood .

Below is my on-board video showing the whole incident, and also running my fastest time of 1:54.760,  despite all of the drama.  Even though I was second to last, I was able to show what a wheel-to-wheel racecar could do when set up to run Time Attack by running the fastest NA B-series powered Honda FWD time ever at Buttonwillow Raceway Clockwise #13.

William Au-Yeung of PZ Tuning, based on the east-side of Canada in Ontario, dealt with engine issues throughout the event, but was still able to put in a very quick and respectable time of 1:52.645 in his turbocharged, 9th generation Civic Si coupe.  Come next Super Lap Battle 2016, I’m sure William’s 9th gen will be in contention for the class record.

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