Grand-Am Road Racing at Kansas Speedway


Continental Grand Am TiresRacks upon racks of the Continental-supplied series tires could be found everywhere.
Turner Grand Am AlignmentSeveral teams were in alignment mode prior to qualifying, so it gave us a good look at the work the teams are able to do on the fly, and it shows just how much of a team effort racing at this level can be.  This TMS car gave us a great look at how the wing uprights, tied into the frame, of course, are also used as support for the alignment jigs.
Turner Motorsport side exhaustThis is the TMS team doing what appears to be some last-minute repair and fabrication work to the side-exit exhaust on their GT car.
Grand Am DP NakedA row of DP cars sleeping naked.  The perfect chance to be a race car peeping Tom.  The extreme level of preparation and fabrication on these cars is breathtaking.  Look at that carbon undertray and how it’s tied into the body. It makes your heart skip a beat, doesn’t it?
Grand Am DP splitter closeupA closeup view, but on a different car.  Note the huge air inlets across the undertray, let alone the glorious suspension work.
Grand Am DP AP Racing brakesGiant AP racing calipers and their J hook rotors.

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