Grand-Am Road Racing at Kansas Speedway


Grand Am Park Place Motorsports Porsche GT3Park Place Motorsports working on the business end of their second place GT3.  Wait a second, what’s wrong with this picture?
Grand Am Aston MartinBecause you can simply never have too much Aston Martin.  This trio of Multimatic GS cars was second in the noise race to only the DP cars.
Lamborghini 69 ridin dirtyOnly a Lamborghini team would go with this combination of car number and window sticker.
Grand Am Kansas Speedway Fan WalkPlenty of fans were around on race day, and many had the chance to see and meet their favorite drivers during the Fan Walks.
Pablo Mazlumian Justin Wilson Minardi F1In the world of celebrity drivers, Pablo Mazlumian, fellow contributor, good friend and photographer for the weekend, had to get a photo with Justin Wilson.  It’s not every day you get to stand next to a former Minardi F1 driver, let alone grill him on how hard it must have been to stuff his 6’4” frame into an F1 cockpit.

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