Grand-Am Road Racing at Kansas Speedway


Bruce Jenner Kansas Speedway LamborghiniMy wife and son even had to get in on all the celebrity action by getting a photo with Bruce Jenner.
Kansas Speedway night race lightsOne of the biggest highlights for everyone in attendance was the Rolex race under the lights on Saturday night.  It was a great spectacle, and the venue and track layout proved to be the perfect home for professional road racing the Midwest.
Ferrari glowing brakes Regardless of how long you've been going to races from club level up through F1, the sight of glowing brake rotors never gets old.
Lamborghini Super Trofeo glowing rotorsAs mentioned above, glowing brake rotors never get old… Especially when they happen to match the livery of some Italian hardware.

It's a few days after the races now, so most who are interested have probably already seen the results, but just in case:

Grand-Am CTSCC Results

Grand-AM Rolex Results 

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