Greddy 35RX GT-R + Tarzan Yamada at Fuji Speedway, December 2011


greddy 35rx front bumper
Due to a massive traffic jam on the Tomei Expressway, everybody arrived late to the track. I think we sat in about 2.75 hours of traffic to get from Yokohama to Fuji Speedway. Normally it's a 1.5 hour drive. So the Greddy staff had to bust ass to get the car off the trailer and prep the car. Japanese are among the hardest working people so they all went to work and got the car ready just in time for their scheduled sessions.

greddy 35rx tarzan
Tarzan in the car for seat and harness adjustments. The main purpose of this test was to test the new Bensopra body work and to test the car at a higher boost level. The last time Trust/Greddy and Tarzan tested, the car had completely different body work. The goal was to get more downforce with less drag of course.

greddy 35rx front
Here's the front splitter and bumper after assembly. The two ducts at the upper corners of the bumper opening feed air filters for the two turbos.

greddy 35rx rear
Here's the rear bumper and diffuser after assembly. Remember this is a street car so you can't really expect time attack style aero. Bensopra offers this crazy looking body kit. It is available in the USA through Greddy USA. The exhaust is a modified version of the 90mm (3.5″) Greddy PE-R.

greddy 35rx side
Here are the side skirts after assembly. Note the excellent fit and finish and how straight all of the panels fit together. The Japanese body kits made in Japan are usually top notch in fit and finish. 

greddy 35rx hood bonnet
The front end body work tilts forward kind of like an old school BMW E21 3 series or E28 5 series. The front end body work is unique in that the lower, rear part of the fenders stay on the car while the top section of the fender and hood are one piece.

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